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Japan Auction House is a branch of Rich Diamonds. We are an innovative and progressive group, focused on continuing our global presence in the evolving diamond market. We derived our reputation as a dealer in the finest made diamonds and manufacturer of diamond jewelry. Japan Auction House enjoys an unparalleled supply of rough diamonds, sourced from the major companies. We collect from pawn shops and auction associations. We are pioneers in the second hand good and auction market, and have more than 20 years of experience.

Buy with Confidence, Buy with Ease.

Advanced Imaging Technologies

We utilize cutting edge imaging technologies to give our customers utmost convenience and confidence when shopping with us. All products come with numerous high definition images, along with 360 degree videos.

Recognized Certification

All of our products are certified for their quality. We offer a range of different certifications, notable types include GIA and CGL.

Unmatched Reputation

With more than 20 years of experience in the Diamond and Jewelry auction business, Japan Auction House has become synonymous with the word "trust".

"Our history has been collecting goods from local pawn shops and auctions, and selling them in person. However, we wanted to change this with the current technology that has been provided to us. With cutting edge innovation and creative ideas, our own team hopes to bring you ease when you are buying. With our website you will not have to leave your room when you want to buy goods. For us, the customer is always our #1 priority, so we will be there to support you along your journey through our site. Please sit back, relax, and buy with ease."

Words from our CEO